Hi guys!!  I decided to open commissions.

As many of you probably already know a few months back I quit my full time job and took out a pretty big loan in order to pursue my dream of studying art and as such I… thought I should do commissions for once!!!!

You can find more info about prices and how to contact me payment methods and stuff over here: LINK!!!!

Reblogs appreciated, and thank you so much for reading!!!!


all orders have been sent out, if you did not receive a tracking number, please contact me at

thank you for your support!



I am opening character commissions for the first time, please bear with me. More info (and the same exact post) can be found on my commissions page:

Please contact me at!

Thanks for looking! 

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Hey guys, I’ve been getting a lot of new followers recently and I wanna say hi and thank you for following me! My name is Tera but you can call me Left! I’m 24 years old and I’m living in LA with my best friend/fiancee Marcia. <3 I work outside of the…

hi! I ordered a haikyuu print yesterday but I forgot that I'm only at my current address until next Thursday.... so I was wondering if you think it'll get here before then ;;; (I live in Texas) thanks so much!

Hello! Yep, your order should go out by tomorrow and domestic mailing should take 2-5 business days so it should reach you by then, if you send me your order number, I can send it out today just in case for that extra day! Ty!

May i know the weight of paper u use to print ur print?

my prints are printed on 80lb paper!

did you ship out the yowapeda zines? >< sorry I'm just really excited for those!!

hi! i shipped a couple out on friday, and the rest will be shipped out today and tomorrow! thank you!

will you ever be reprinting the magi print...? :o

if you are talking about the judal and aladdin one, maybe, but only if there is a real demand for it, sorry ><


My print store is finally set up and open! -> Storenvy!

I will mostly be selling some leftovers from conventions, but I have printed some more stuff I ran out of, such as the 11x17 Haikyuu print since some of you asked if I would have it online. The Hakogaku and Sohoku purikura is of course available as well!!

For those who have purchased my zine for online orders, thank you so much! I will be shipping those out starting this Friday (7/18) when I receive them from the printer. Thank you for your patience!

Also, if you have already purchased a product, and would like to purchase something else but not have to pay for double shipping, please contact me at to negotiate!

ONE FINAL ALSO: 11x17 prints will be shipped in a mailer with cardboard backing in a semifolded fashion (like this -> ). Because the paper my prints are on is a bit thicker, the prints will be bent in half (easily fixed by just..straightening the print lol) but they definitely should not be creased or completely folded flat in half. If you would like me to mail your print in a mailing tube instead, please once again contact me at plz be aware that mailing tubes are much more expensive to ship with.

Thank you!

Hey~ When will you be shipping out the zines?

hello! the zines will be coming to me late this week and i will be shipping them out immediately upon arrival, thank you!